Polo Forest Adventure Camp



Polo Forest is just 160 km far from Ahmedabad and can be reached in 3 hours. Most of the visitors choose this as a weekend one-day destination and the area which is rich with heritage places and monuments gives a different type of feel.

Specifically, this camping is planned as a proper adventure camp. Neither a picnic nor a tour, these 2 days are filled with physically challenging activities and explorations. We visualize this camping as an unforgettable experience, where the participants perform various adventure activities like Rock Climbing, Rappelling.

They are also made to visit the ruins and monuments, especially old temple ruins to understand the richness of the area. Assisted by young, experienced & enthusiastic volunteers & supporting staff, this camping is meant as the life changing experience for one and all.

Note: This is an adventure camp and not a tour. Please take a kind note of this. Discipline is must during the camps.



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5.00 based on 6 reviews
March 19, 2018

Polo forest was a beautiful experience, it is perfect for all adventurous activities. I have never done such activities in my life, reason could be fear being a girl, parent’s over protection, out of India it was cost factor etc. But when I saw this Trekon tour, thought its worth taking a chance, if I can’t do the hard part, then I’ll avoid that and enjoy the rest tour. But Trekon team never gave a chance to avoid any activity, they just see our will, and then they motivate and help us till end to complete the task. For such a short trip and most reasonable Fee, they really did an awesome job. They are good mentors for all participants, they gave us a feeling as of we are part of a game that taught us that group and team work can make anything possible. Trekon team lead by Mr. Vivek and mentored by Kishan, Rhushang, Jayraj, Poojan, Vipul, Ashvin and many more were real gem. Their priceless contribution in success of each participants is remarkable. I did this trek to judge my strengths and now I am confident that I can go ahead, it is but obvious, will be with Trekon. Thank you guys for supporting us and please keep the good work ongoing. Cheers

April 16, 2018

Nice place…
Hats off too the management, volunteers, (too much co-operative)….

August 12, 2018

Bhai….ek number camp …moj padi gayi …. Jordar…

August 17, 2018

It was an amazing camp , grt support by all instructor ….
We three frnds planned to go there but this camp give us new frnds ….
Actually it was our first adventure camp together and a good support of trekon and it’s team made memorable time for us …

September 10, 2018

This trek was really worth it !! Had too much fun doing the activities !! Would love to go on other trek with Trek On

September 17, 2018

It was an amazing capm , and full of support by instructor I don’t have friends but this camp gives me new and kind friends including you also sir thanks for all support.It was my best trip this is my first adventure trip but its too good.My memorable trip ever
Thanks Vivek sir, RD sir, Raval sir( forgot name sorry) all supportive instructors.

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